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From the offset, our passion and flair will make our introduction a meeting to remember. We hope that we might educate you and give you an insight into bespoke tailoring and why Royal Vesture is so special. We advise you as to the merits of various weights and weaves of cloth in order to make certain the garment performs as you want it to. We discuss fit and styles, taking you through all the multitude of design options available and then we add the personal touches, monograms, stitch colours, coloured button holes and meltons.


Approximately 3 weeks after your initial appointment we will be back with your garment, ready for the first fit. This is where we refine the intricate aspects of "your look" A minor adjustment to the sleeve length, the jacket or trouser waist are generally all that are required at this stage however on many occasions our professional skill at measuring means alterations are not required. If they are, we will have your garment back to you within 4 days and we will make sure your pattern at the workshop is also adjusted to ensure we never need to make those adjustments again, should you body shape not change. We will roughly stitch the pieces together so that at your first fitting the master tailor can see how well the garment is working on you: how it fits, how it hangs, how it moves.


Delivering the RV Garment
Delivering the finished RV garment:
Having tweaked the smaller details of the garment, your garment is now ready to wear. The client now tries on the finished suit, which is closely inspected and approved by the master tailor. Moreover our design consultant will discuss shirt, tie and other accessories that will complement your new suit, sports jacket or trousers. Advice is given to the customer on how best to care for the suit and maintain its shape.
As your body shape changes over the years we will always be checking your measurements and updating your pattern. When you invest in a RV garment we invest in you as our client, it is an ongoing service that we are proud of and our clients appreciate.

Traditional tailoring with modern efficiency.

Every Royal Vesture clothing is constructed using traditional tailoring methods passed from generation to generation of tailors, handcut cloth, floating canvass inards and hand finished stitching and detailing. To complement the "old school" we work to a more modern and up to date pattern which we feel compliments a gentlemans shape better and is in keeping with current trends without sacrificing elegance.

Handcrafted Perfection

With a single suit resulting in more than 30 hours of work, everything from pattern drafting to cutting and construction is done by hand. In fact having completely eliminated the use of machines means that on every garment, 3 hours of care are put into pressing alone. With the help of a James Palombo consultant you can now create your own suit that is not only full of life and character but also guarantees the ultimate in comfort and fit.