Whether you’re the groom, best man or a humble guest, a wedding is an event you want to bring your fashion ‘A game’ too.

So let’s clear something up right away, a rented men’s wedding suit might be ok for the groomsmen but a big no-no if you’re the groom. Yes, we can see the appeal; more likely than not you will only be spending few hours in the outfit and a wedding suit is not exactly an all-rounder.

Ensure you look impeccable for the big day with our fantastic collection of mens weddings suits and accessories for the groom, groomsmen and guests alike. From full Tuxedos to mens suits of almost any kind,  with shirts, ties and cravats to add that extra style, we will have something to suit your wedding theme,

Weddings may only last a few hours but the photos, videos and inevitable selfies will last a lifetime.

And, grooms, let’s face it; the spotlight is going to be on you and the person you are committing to spending the rest of your life with. Rented suits never fit properly, and 90% of a good suit is the fitting.
A well-fitted suit to a man can be likened to a woman choosing the right lingerie; either it fits or it doesn’t. There’s no middle ground.

Be professional about this and let our experienced stylist help you make the right choice. Even if you want to buy a standard suit, do not leave it to chance, get the right help from the right people. At Royal Vesture, we love to offer advice on what to wear, what colours to combine and what to stay away from. By booking an appointment, our friendly staff will have a chat with you to get a good idea about your wedding, colour themes and setting. This way, we can help you put the right stuff together. It’s important to match the right colours. The right Shirts, Accessories and Shoes cannot be ignored. Some colours just cannot go together.

An experienced tailor should help you make the decisions that unleash your inner style guru without spending a fortune. Because at the end of the day, style is about creativity and flair. And that’s something that should be available to all.

We can make a bespoke suit designed to give you the confidence that you really are looking your best – sharper, fresher, slimmer and stylish. As well as considering of cut and style, you may want an extra-fine fabric or one suited to a particular climate or location. We can help you explore all the options. Choose from a half canvas suit or a full free floating canvas. We will give you full advice on your options at your initial consultation.